Another new FEC opens tomorrow – Xscape in Indianapolis



When it rains, it pours at least when it comes to new facility news. Here is another FEC opening up in the US, this time in Indianapolis, IN, to be called Xscape. Xscape is pretty big, they are boasting 75,000 sq. ft. of space and they have a great looking setup – a buffet, lazer tag arena, mini-golf, sports bar, rides which includes bumper cars, a go kart xscapeheaderspeedway and a couple of places where you can find redemption/arcade games. According to their website, they have about 60 games total including some new games like Rambo, Nicktoons Nitro, Primeval Hunt, Time Crisis,  NASCAR Motion deluxe, Blazing Angels, DDR and more. They have a website setup already with a list of their games and other features and if you live in the area it looks like it’s a great place to check out as it opens tomorrow.

I find it interesting that in this downturn we are seeing some pretty big amusement locations opening up. While it is true that entertainment typically does better in downturns (the Golden Age of arcades occured during a downturn in the late 70’s that saw far higher unemployment rates and inflation in the US than we’re seeing at the moment but I do understand that there are always differences in each recession as to causes & effects), with the way people speak about arcades and amusement you would think that they wouldn’t stand a chance in today’s climate.  Of course it remains to be seen how all these new places do over the next year or so but for now I think that it’s great to see all of these places popping up and as always, we wish every location that has started up recently or that will be opening up soon the best of luck and if you live near any of these places, be sure to stop by and give them your support.

[Xscape Website] [Discuss on the Forum]

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7 Comments on “Another new FEC opens tomorrow – Xscape in Indianapolis”

  1. Jill Says:

    This place is amazing. Very big with tons of stuff to do. Its a Indoor Theme Park!! Go Karts, Bumper Cars, Lazer Tag, Mini Tea Cups, Frog Hopper, Jump Around Ride, Mini Golf, Bowling and over 80 pieces of video and redemtion. The food was great too. It has everything to keep your family entertained under one roof. Def check it out. Nothing like it in the Midwest….

  2. iyana Says:

    i didn’t really won’t to go for my birthday but i went ay way to try it out.but relly i won’t to go to that holtel where they got slides and stuff in it but it was to cold to go

  3. MALLEY Says:


  4. Kristin Says:

    I had a really good time when I went. There’s so much stuff to do and if you get the chance to go during the week there’s almost never a wait for anything and you get $2 off the price of getting in. I think that’s only before 3pm tho. I really liked the go-carts and mini-golf course. I thought the food was decent. It tasted fine and there were more items to choose from than I’d expected. The desserts were my fav!

  5. Ceairra Says:

    i really wnt 2 go 2 exscape i can never go because of my dad. im a ask if we can go wit out of my dad. becasue he always say he tired im so sic of it well if we go im a be happy every body a my school be talkin about how fun he is well peace out with luv and respect luv ya

  6. Christal Says:

    We went to Xscape for my sons 12the birthday party and every boy said it was the best party ever! There was so much to do and all you can eat at any time made it perfect with 2 rooms to eat in that played movies! Definitly will go again!

  7. Dylan Says:

    Xscape is so fun laser tag was cool

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