IAAPA Poll: What game are you most looking forward to?

Before we get too far away from IAAPA, I’d like to do a poll concerning games at the show that I meant to do sooner but forgot to. It’s straightforward – of all the games we discussed at the show, which piques your interest/excitement the most? If I missed a game, I apologize but I believe that this list should encompass everything that is brand new that we saw there.

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3 Comments on “IAAPA Poll: What game are you most looking forward to?”

  1. Molloy Says:

    My, not alot of stuff drawing my attention there. I’d say Harley Davidson with R-Tuned coming in second.

  2. R-Tuned got my vote, though I love the technology in Brick People.

  3. Shaggy Says:

    I’m a little surprised about R-Tuned, I didn’t know about the interest in it before, so I guess polls are useful for that.

    I’ve got some info coming up on BattleStations, that title is looking good. I’d love to see Brick People in action as well as more Razing Storm.

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