Footage from Initial D5


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Sega’s Intitial D5 – we first had news on this one back towards the end of June and have been waiting to hear something more since. Well here it is, footage of the game in action. There’s no doubt that it looks absolutely great, I wonder what hardware it is running on. The funny thing for me is that just yesterday I had a couple of people asking about getting an Initial D at my arcade but I have never seen one personally and I don’t know if my distributor carries it or not (although they probably could get one).

Here’s the embedded video, it does look like Youtube has added widescreen capability to the videos now but I have only seen that on the site and not on embedded material.

BTW- This is the 300th newsfeed we’ve received from The Stinger Report, time has sure flown by as we approach AH’s 2nd year in operation and again, thanks to the Stinger for the great news they send us.

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6 Comments on “Footage from Initial D5”

  1. Brian Deuel Says:

    You should be able to get one. The Chuck E. Cheese nearby got ahold of one in one of those motion cabs… the name escapes me at this time… and has it roped off in a separate area of the game room. If they were able to procure one, I’m sure you could too. Just don’t destroy it when it’s revenue-making days are over, like CEC does 🙂

  2. ashley Says:

    hmm initial d,i think the games boring i have an intial d3,it def wont be a big money maker maybe for 6 months then it will slow to nothing ,buy a btter driver like battle gear 4 or a maxi tune,im about to sell my inital d3 if you are intersted in buying but i live in new zealand 🙂

  3. ashley Says:

    i still think you shoud buy a dragon punch,at the moment any one that beats the high score i have set they receave $40 in tokens yall make more money than any video game,trust me you wont regret it,an arcade is a hard road,if u can try not to waste any money as there will be times it will be slow and you may need the cash to pay rent and power.but if u must buy an initial d they show up on ebay from time to time.quite frankly i just wouldnt buy another inital d time zone here in nz dosnt get many in because the earnings just dont stay up there long enough to get your money back,so they buy less and rotate them around there arcades,when i wanted mine they wornt interested in importing anymore,so i got mine from coin op express,i understand now why they wouldnt get one for me,it hardly earns anything now,ive had it for approx is your arcade going these days havent much about it latly?

  4. SaraAB87 Says:

    Hmmm Interesting, from what I understand the anime has to precede the video game (or is it the other way around!) so it looks like an initial d 5th stage anime is on the way too.

  5. kiery Says:

    initial d,,,is different in other arcade game(racing)wat i mean is,,,,it’s fun,,,but,,,it’s too complicated,,,,than,,maximum tune,,,,i always play maximum tune,,,,than initial d,,,,,i hate initial d,,,,so u better pull off ur arcade game,,,,,

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