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The SuperAuction that came and went in Brockton, MA

November 24, 2008

If you’re an arcade collector then one of things you always keep an eye out for are arcade auctions. They goodtiemsalways can be a good place to find some cool games. If you live in or near Brockton, MA then you had a chance this weekend to attend a pretty big auction where the arcade inventory was valued at at least a million dollars. The inventory comes from Good Time, who is needing to close their doors after IKEA wanted in and they couldn’t get the financing to get into a $25 million complex. I hate it when things like this happen – I’m going to have to move my own arcade very soon because they are rushing to make way for a sidewalk so people can enter the mall without having to make the long trip of 100 feet to get to the other nearby entrance.

Anyways, the Good Time auction on Nov. 8th attracted between 300 to 400 people who could enjoy the games on free play prior to them going to the auction block. They had a large collection of “classic arcade games, go karts and skee-ball” but there were no pictures in the report of the auction or information on how much many of the games went for, except that I found out that a Pac-Man cocktail cabinet went for $1000.

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