Castlevania Arcade – Video & Photos

As promised, above the video I got of Castlevania Arcade and below the pictures that I took of Konami’s new game as well as the rest of the Hollywood Bowl arcade, which is a pretty good arcade as they go. They have lots of new games like Mario Kart GP 2, Sega Rally 3 and Silent Hill Arcade (although that been there for a while now. Other games on site where Deal or No Deal, Time Crisis 3, Outrun 2, Superbikes and Let’s Go Jungle. Definitely worth a visit as there is also a VUE cinema, Pizza Hut, Nando’s and a Chimchanga in the same complex.

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2 Comments on “Castlevania Arcade – Video & Photos”

  1. Shaggy Says:

    Nice video – that has to be a challenge filming it while playing 🙂

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this but I think it looks like a solid game, I can see it being a lot of fun cracking the whip and smacking down all of those skeletons. While everyone will be clamoring for a Wii port of this (it’s not like it NEEDS to be with the Wii already getting some Castlevania action) I think that this arcade version should attract a lot of attention for a while.

  2. smashp Says:

    i find it funny that iga was saying castlevania on the wii with you using the remote as a whip sounded silly to him, so he gave us castlevania judgement instead. then this comes out. after playing metroid prime, i always thought castlevania would be more solid in first person than third.

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