Boy gets hand caught inside coin door outlet, almost loses hand

 In the time that I have worked in an arcade (not just my own but also another local arcade I managed a couple of years back) I have seen a few injuries where people get cut on metal edges sometimes found with certain games. But I have never heard of something like this before. A 5-year old boy in Bahrain made a visit to an arcade there with his parents and after losing a coin in the game and the eject button not giving him his coin back, he put his hand into the coin outlet and got his hand stuck in there for more than two hours. The parents tried for a half an hour to get his hand out and after no success, they called the fire department to come and free the boy’s hand. His hand came out quite bruised and with a severe cut on his finger and the doctors had to operate for several hours to save the finger and rest of his hand. They are not sure how his hand will do but this it is this sort of thing you always worry about when running a business. The article doesn’t say whether the arcade had any attendants present and it’s for stuff like this that I think it’s important for at least one person to keep an eye out in case some one hurts themselves.

[Via Gulf Daily Net] [Discuss on the Forum]

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One Comment on “Boy gets hand caught inside coin door outlet, almost loses hand”

  1. editor Says:

    Wow Shaggy – what a small world – I was thinking of sending you this news feed to you guys until I read the Reuters feed. It would seem that there is question into the actual incident, when it happened, and how the child actually injured himself on the system as it could not be substantiated what machine and how it happened beyond the claim.

    That particular part of the world (the Island Principality) is suffering from the ‘American Disease’ which is a term for fraudulent law suite. The Jury is still out on what happened – but is a issue, as you pointed out, that would have been alleviated with the correct use of venue attendants (hope your insurance is paid up!)

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