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Kawasaki Warehouse – Location Report, Japan

October 17, 2008

Wow, I have just got back from Japan and made a fabulous discovery whilst I was there:

Kawasaki Warehouse

This incredible arcade has been built from the ground up to look like a disused, run-down warehouse complete with rusting doors and peeling paint but is in fact a fantastic site with some great games. The site has some neat touches like the front doors that appear to be rusted shut but open when you approach to reveal a red tunnel which looks like a bit passageway to hell. As you approach the second door you are blasted by a smoke machine. Inside the lighting is great (dim but really asmospheric) and flickering neon signs and faded posters cover the walls. The site is over several floors with Bingo (!!!), an arcade and a Darts bar. I have to say I only had a couple of hours free and never left the arcade floor itself.

Amongst the highlights were:

Original Retro cabinets  (All in great working order)

  • Street Fighter
  • Virtua Racing Twin
  • Outrun DLX
  • Hang On
  • Super Hang On
  • Pro Monaco GP
  • After Burner DLX
  • Space Harrier DLX
  • Darius
  • Gauntlet 4 Player
  • Rad Mobile DLX
  • About a dozen cocktail cabinets
  • Daytona 2 (4 Player)
  • Virtua On (Loved this on the Dreamcast)

In addition I got to play some great recent and new games:

  • Street Fighter 4 (Got my ass kicked at least 20 times by some guy!)
  • JuBeat – Really interesting game and very funky cabinet
  • Afterburner DLX (Played it before but never linked)
  • Halflife Survivor (Just couldn’t get used to the controls)
  • Initial D 4 (Good fun!)

If you get the chance I really recommend setting aside a couple of hours and heading over there. It is about 10 minutes walk from Kawasaki train station.

Poll time!

October 17, 2008

I was pleasantly surprised to find that WordPress (the wonderful people that host this site) have now added a poll option, so let’s waste no time in taking advantage of it. I might make this a weekly thing, if I can think of something interesting to ask and/or remember. 

Let’s kick it off with a simple one

If you have any suggestions for future polls, please leave your idea in the comments.

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ATEI 2009 registration is now live

October 17, 2008

Keeping the exhibition vibe going here’s a reminder for you, if you have not already received one. Registration is now live for ATEI 2009. So don’t delay.

The 65th edition of ATEI is testament to the loyalty of its visitors and the innovation demonstrated by its exhibitors over the years.ATEI will be an indispensable knowledge hub (with free seminars) and networking opportunity, at which to kick off your business meetings.

Having been taken back to its roots, ATEI will be showcasing all that’s exciting about the international amusement and coin-op industry.The low stake gaming element has now moved into the new International Gaming Expo on the ground floor

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Positive reports from Preview 2009

October 17, 2008

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all political (although I did watch a very interesting Panorama about the economical meltdown last night), but it’s good to see that even with all the shit that’s happening at the moment it’s not all doom and gloom. That’s the message that is coming out of Preview, read on…..

[via Highway Games]

Despite current difficult trading conditions, the industry turned out to support Preview 2009 in London on 1-2 October. Exhibitors presented a broad range of products including some new and innovative games.

“We were extremely pleased with the number and quality of visitors who came to the show this year,” said Philip Howard, show organiser. “The Wednesday afternoon was particularly busy.”

The UK is currently awaiting news on a stakes and prizes review, which it is hoped will give the market a much needed boost. Meanwhile there seems to be a welcome rise in interest in redemption products and other one-off novelty games.

“The show went very well, we received a considerable amount of interest in Astra’s new products and an excellent response to the innovative edge that Astra’s games offer,” said Richard Barr of Astra Games.

Barrie Knighton of Gemini Games was also pleasantly surprised at how positive this year’s show was. “Our portfolio of digital product was received exceptionally well at this year’s Preview.” he said.

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Also check out this video on the Preview website, if not see what was at the show, then for the terrible music.