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Rumour: Raw Thrills bringing Guitar Hero to the arcades

October 3, 2008

We’ve seen numerous knock-offs over the last few years, but could we finally be seeing Guitar Hero brought to our arcades by none other than Raw Thrills? According to reports it looks that way. Guitar Hero has been a phenomenal success on the consoles, selling millions of copies over multiple SKU’s over the last 3 years and I’ve always thought it would make a fantastic arcade game. I know we’ve had Konami’s Guitar Freaks for quite a while now but I feel with Guitar Heroes fanbase it could be a massive success. 

However, gamers will argue why would they pay to play a game they can have in thier own home? Well I think the opportunity to rock out in public and the possibility of a over the top cabinet, with lights and a decent audio rig, is surely too much of a temptation to the franchises hardcore followers. Also this game is ideal for battle of the band style tournaments. Hopefully we will get some solid confirmation on this story soon, as it’s apparently going to be realised in Spring 2009.

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