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Next Week: Preview 2009

September 24, 2008

Next week is London Preview. Will we see anything new that we haven’t see at the resent AM Show in Japan? Probably not. However what is shown is an indication of what we are going to see on our shores in the near future. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that most of the fighters we’ve seen at the Japanese show probably won’t be shown in London. Other than that I expect to see most of the others present and hopefully in arcades soon. Although you have to remember the show is called Preview and for that reason we should not expect to see these games properly released until the ATEi in January.

The show takes place at Novotel, Hammersmith on Wednesday 1st Oct
10.00am – 18.00pm and Thursday 2nd Oct 10.00am – 16.00pm

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More AM 08 Videos

September 24, 2008

Courtesy of Highways Games are some more videos of games on show at the AM show in Japan.

Namco’s Nirin

Sega’s Hummer

Atlus’ Vulcan Wars

Sega’s Touch Striker

Sega’s House of the Dead EX

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Flyer for Jet Ball

September 24, 2008

A few days ago I was sent some pictures of a new game called Jet Ball by The Stinger Report which reminded me that I played the game at AMOA and I also picked up a flyer for it too, but I had forgotten to scan it in. The pictures the company sent out in the press release were the same as in the flyer so I figure that I may as well show you the whole flyer. I did post a video of this in action, you can find it here in case you missed it. It’s a little bit like foosball but with air jets and only one controller – it does take some getting used to but it’s a cool idea and I always am happy to see someone go in a direction that is a little bit different from the rest. Many operators also will like the fact that it can do ticket payouts and bar owners would be happy with the cup holders that the representative at the booth told me was made for holding your beer.

Click on the images to expand them. I did pick up a few other fliers from the show, when I find the time I will scan those in too.

BTW- I love that line “The game of the future”, it reminds of a few funny lines from my favorite TV show, Mystery Science Theater 3000.

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A look at an arcade in North Korea

September 24, 2008

I’m glad I don’t live in North Korea for a host of reasons and here’s another one to chalk up on the list when you take a look at an arcade there. It’s a little like what we saw with those Soviet arcades back in the day – out-of-date graphics even on the most advanced games they have, all the cabinets (instead of one or two) are in terrible condition, etc. It all screams, “Find your super happy fun time somewhere else”. As the site with the pics, UK: Resistance says, looking at this will make you stop complaining about little things we might have to deal with like waiting in line for SFIV or where the buttons may not be as responsive as we’d like. Check out UK: Resistance for the full rundown.

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How the huge Golden Tee World Championship at AMOA went down

September 24, 2008

One thing I did miss out on at AMOA was the Golden Tee World Championship that took place on Friday and Saturday there. It would have been fun to watch and participate – I know that personally I wouldn’t have made it very far against the professional players but sometimes it’s just fun to compete. I did get a chance to play the new Golden Tee and it was fun – it has nice graphics and is easy to learn. When all was said and done, Andy Haas of Stow Ohio was crowned as the GT champion where he also got to walk away with a $20,000 cash prize. They also set records with the scope of the competition, IT reports that over a million GT games were played during the world championship online qualifying period. There were a few teams who came together to compete, including one international team which was made up of people from several different countries but in the end Team USA won again.  For the full rundown, check out the press release by IT after the jump or discuss it on the forums.