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A new site for helping you find an arcade near you: Arcade Fly

September 22, 2008

A new website dedicated to helping players find arcades near them as well as see what games are there and connect with other players is now available to the public. Known as Arcade Fly, they have already assembled a large amount of information on arcades and games to be found in not just the US but around the world and they have a system setup where players can connect with each other as well. The site will show you which arcades are most popular on the site as well as which games most people are looking at (which at the moment is surprisingly Zero Gunner 2 – most others are bemani titles and of course SFIV is on there). And what’s really cool is when you register and check out the maps, it automatically finds many arcades in your area. Head on over and check it out!

BTW- The site allows anyone to add arcades to the site along with what games are there so it can expand further. It’s a fairly easy process to add locations to the mix so it is a work-in-progress site but so far I like what I see there.

[Arcade Fly] [Discuss on the Forums]