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Incredible Technologies @ AMOA 2008 – Power Putt Golf, Golden Tee LIVE 2009 & a new cabinet design

September 13, 2008

Incredible Technologies was also at AMOA with a large and eye-catching booth where they were showcasing all of their games that are currently for sale in a new cabinet that features a smaller footprint that previous cabinets that also comes with a lower price. The only thing about the new cabinet that might be a catch for some while a plus to others is that this new cabinet does not come with a monitor – that is something you get for yourself. The rep told me that in addition to driving down the cost they also went this route since it allows operators to pick their own monitor. While the hardware currently doesn’t support HDMI, it does support component hook-ups which any HDTV should support. So if an operator has an HDTV laying around (it is likely that bar owners and FECs will moreso than an arcade-only location) they can use what is on hand or hook it up to a projector quite easily.

As for the games themselves, Golden Tee LIVE 2009 and Power Putt Golf both look great although I have to give the edge to Power Putt in the graphics department simply because the kind of game (mini-golf) lends itself to feature a lot more colorful items on the playfield. GT09 certainly has more features to it though, like the Youtube Replays where if the game feels you made a really good shot, it will give you the option to upload it to youtube. It will go to an account made just for this sort of thing although they tell me that you should be able to get your video to your own account as well (probably as a favorite). Both games use the trackball to work and you first pull back to prep your swing and then the harder you push forward the stronger the swing is. There are also buttons on the side for rotating your player to change the shot and on GT09 you can also change the type of club you are using.

Power Putt Golf will be selling for approximately $3200, using this type of cabinet. I didn’t find out the price on GT09 but with this new configuration it probably isn’t too far off that but I will find out for sure. They also had TargetToss Pro: Bags and Silver Strike Bowling in these cabinets and similarly they looked good.

For more, here is a video of the booth!

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GlobalVR @ AMOA 2008 – Need For Speed Carbon, NASCAR & talking with John Ray

September 13, 2008

Sorry about the delay in completing my AMOA coverage – I just wasn’t at a proper computer to do so most of yesterday. But now getting back into it here is some information I got from GlobalVR at their booth. When you first approached it the most obvious thing on display was Need For Speed Carbon, thanks to the large banner and the bright color scheme (yellow). They had two deluxe and two standard cabinets there and later on they will have a motion cabinet for NFS Carbon as well. As you know, this was first released as a kit but surprisingly there were no converted NFS cabs to be seen. One thing I did not know prior to the show was what exactly came with a kit but they had fliers there to show you what you get, which also includes a plastic marquee shell that can make the top look like the standard dedicated version of the game along with a new backplate for the chairs and artwork for the sides (as you can see in the flier pictured to the right here, just click on the thumbnail to expand). Some other details I uncovered about the game include that the graphics card is from the nVidia 9600 series and you can use previous NFS cards on this one as it has a card reader device. I was able to play the game for a few minutes (before the fire started, which again probably had to do with the fact that they had to share the booth with TrioTech which has a number of big games which probably pull an awful lot of amps) and I was impressed with what I played – the graphics are slick and the sound is just downright amazing. I still haven’t played the console version of the game but I have a feeling that the arcade version once again is better. I did not get a chance to play the Drift track so I can’t say how that works but the idea of a NOS pedal is pretty cool. The presentation that the cabinet itself produces with lights is also eye-catching and there were people playing this game all the time.

I also was able to see the NASCAR update, which adds the Atlanta Motor Speedway, the Watkins Glen Road Course and of course the updated rosters and Car of Tomorrow.  In case you’re like me and have no idea what the whole Car of Tomorrow thing is about, click here to find out more. (Everytime I hear that term I think back to an old 60’s short ad film called Design For Dreaming where they use that term a lot, it’s a really bizarre film and the only way to watch it is with MST3k). I did get some video from the Atlanta Motor Speedway track, it looks really good although I didn’t get a chance to play it (I did record it though as you can see below). I’m not sure, but they might have updated the song list which is one of my favorite things about the game – right now I still have one of the songs stuck in my head.

In addition to that they also had a Blazing Angels, a GlobalVR Classics Collection and Paradise Lost inside a new cabinet that was designed for Aliens: Extermination. I also had some great conversations with some of the GVR staff, including the marketing director Caryn Mical and John Ray, who spent much of his career working for Atari (both Atari and Atari Games respectively). He worked on games such as KLAX, Pit Fighter, Guardians of the Hood and the entire Rush series. I know he played a major role in creating Rush 2049, one of my favorite racers of all time. We had a great conversation about the arcade industry, past and present as well as some technical details with the games as that is his specialty. I asked about Justice League too – it looks like they are waiting to reveal it still because (to paraphrase a little) “Warner is very happy with the game but we are not just yet – we want it to be perfect”. But I believe that we will find out more in the next few months – I did try to unearth some extra details about how the game actually works but we’ll have to wait. I did find out that the game is NOT based on any of the current titles on game consoles which are using the Justice League title and it’s completely original and exclusive to arcades.

And here are the videos:


Need For Speed Carbon Arcade

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