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When the lights go out

September 5, 2008

Yesterday was not fun. Not fun at all. I had to go through an experience that I’ve dreaded before and that is when the power goes out – for an entire day. When I arrived at my store at about 10AM I noticed that the office light didn’t turn on. I checked the breaker and everything was in order so I call the power company up, thinking they disconnected the power even though I am current on my bills. It turns out that due to an ‘equipment failure’ the power was off to most of the tenants in the mall and we’d have to wait it out until 1PM. 1PM came, then they promised 3PM, that came and went then they promised 6PM and when that came and went I just went home. Apparently the power has been restored according to a phone call I got at 6 this morning but it really had me thinking of what is going to happen in the winter. The mall is completely unwilling to give any of the tenants a break on the rent by lowering it a little for incidents like this and for an arcade there is no way to do business without electricity. At least I managed to get some housekeeping things done, including some painting and I’m happy that this didn’t happen on a Friday or a Saturday as that would have been a disaster. Are there any of you who own an arcade who have had the power out for several days in a row and how did you deal with it?

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Old DDR tournament photos from Jared Rea

September 5, 2008

Ah there’s nothing quite like an arcade competition, is there? Especially when it’s with something popular, like DDR. Jared Rea has unearthed some old DDR tournament pictures from Northern California, circa 1999-2001. It’s always fun to look back at this sort of stuff and for the full set click here.

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Golden Tee Championship at AMOA

September 5, 2008

I have to hand it to Incredible Technologies, while I’ve heard that not everyone is excited about AMOA next week, they certainly are and they are looking to give attendees a reason to be excited. From a press release they issued the other day comes news that to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Golden Tee they are bringing together 50 GT machines to create the largest field ever for a live video game tournament where thousands of dollars are going to be given away as prizes. It’s going to run on Friday and Saturday of next week and on top of that they are going to be showing off the latest version of GT to the public along with massing media to the event, including ESPN to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Now this is what I call marketing your game properly 😉

In regards to AMOA, I will be headed down to Vegas to pick up a game and I will be stopping by the show of course. I haven’t bought my plane tickets yet but it’s looking like I’ll be there Tuesday, Wednesday and part of Thursday, so I’ll catch the first 2 days of the show but miss out on this big event. I have responsbilities at home that I need to take care of so those come before any show but at the very least I’ll get some coverage of AMOA and with a proper camera this time around.

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Parse Rorunpe – a broom flying arcade game from Japan

September 5, 2008

If you’ve ever stuck a broom between your legs as a kid pretending that you’re flying around as a witch then this game’s for you. Of course it wouldn’t take much for someone to take this idea and turn in into a Harry Potter game that involves flying around on your broom or play Quidditch (which fans would probably go gaga for). But either way a new game in Japan called ‘Parse Rorunpe’ has taken the idea of riding a broom and turned it into an arcade title that also features a touch screen. From the game’s official website (apologies in advance for the bad translation)

Try to image that you’re a magician, sitting on our specially-made magic broom seat and touch our touch screen.
Follow the sparkle on the magic symbol and draw it… There’s an attractive magical world awaits!
You can fly as you want and use those beautiful and brilliant magics!

You can also setup a profile via their website and load that profile onto several different types of memory cards (SD, xD, MS, & CF), the game has online play and seesm to have some high profile Japanese voice talent involved with the game, including ” Mr. Minoru Shiraishi, Miss Ayumi Tuji, Miss Haruka Ayumi and Mr. Ryo Sugisaki”. Where I am not faimilar with Japanese voice actors I’ll leave it to someone who tracks that stuff to say how popular they are.

Here’s the biggest picture I could find of the game itself from the website. The picture above is from the AMNet Blog

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