Street Fighter 4 Location Tracker

It’s not so easy for those of us outside of Japan to play Street Fighter 4, what with there not being that many of them about. But to make life easy for us has started listing the locations of every SF4 out in the wild. Still no sign of one in Europe, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get our grubby little hands on one.

[Street Fighter 4 Location Tracker]    [Discuss on the Forum]

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2 Comments on “Street Fighter 4 Location Tracker”

  1. Shaggy Says:

    They should get together with Arcade Finder.

  2. Adam Fortuna Says:

    Hopefully more locations will show up in the south east. Looks like the closest locations are Philadelphia or Texas. ;/ Good list though! I added the locations in the US, CA, AU and NZ to ArcadeFly ( )

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