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Need For Speed Carbon going dedicated

August 20, 2008

Not too long ago, GlobalVr released a new drift racing arcade game called Need for Speed Carbon, which is based upon the console game of the same name. It was first sold only as a kit but now GVR is rolling out a dedicated version of the game and we have pictures of the cabinets. It will come in two cabinet flavors, standard and deluxe and as you will notice, the standard cabinet looks much like the design they used for NASCAR Racing but with a different (brighter) color scheme; the deluxe is also similar to the NASCAR Dlx cabinet but instead of a rollbar it has a spoiler on the back (click on the image above to enlarge).

I still haven’t had a chance to try this out yet but I imagine that it will be at AMOA, stay tuned for more.

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More about BlazBlue (US release date & price)

August 20, 2008

I had a a really good conversation with Harry at Arcsys yesterday in regards to BlazBlue and I figured that it would be worthwhile to pass some information along to you. They really are dedicated to getting the game out to as many arcades as possible like I heard and they are being quite flexible with how you cn go about it. The game will be released in the US on November 18th (which I think is close to if not the same day as the Japanese release). A kit will be available for about $3500, you can get it in a dedicated Viewlix cabinet for about $7k-$8k or they will even look into cheaper HD cabinets if you can’t afford that. The game will run in any high rez montior cabinet, such as an Atomiswave cabinet but overall Arcsys just wants Blazblue to get out there. Also, unlike that other fighter which uses the Taito Type X2 hardware, you only need one kit for 2 players, none of this garbage about forcing operators to buy two. I tip my hat to them for that!

They also will br bringing more games to the US beyond BlazBlue so expect to start hearing more about official stuff from ArcSys outside of Japan throughout next year.

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Toolbar for Tee Time

August 20, 2008

I used to play a lot of Golden Tee a while back, but these days there aren’t that many about in my local pubs. Shame really, because Golden Tee is becoming more and more the kind of game that you can really invest your time in to and feel like your loyalty to the game is rewarded. The latest feature to bolster that statement is the online tracking which you can access 24/7 from you home (or work) PC. It’s the ultimate online Golden Tee community resource. Whether you’re a GT guru or just a casual duffer, the Golden Tee toolbar is designed to make your life easier on and off the virtual links.

[Download GT Toolbar here]

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15 Most valuable arcade games

August 20, 2008

Over at Rotheblog they have put together a list of the 15 most valuable games in existence, the most expensive one being Williams Blaster Cockpit cabinet weighing in at $12,000! Williams games feature heavy in this list, as do some classics from Cinematronics and Atari. All the criteria that was taken into consideration is detailed too, as well as how many are known to exist according to VAPS (The Video Arcade Preservation Society), and GGDB  (The Great Game Database). Definately worth a read.

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Street Fighter 4 Location Tracker

August 20, 2008

It’s not so easy for those of us outside of Japan to play Street Fighter 4, what with there not being that many of them about. But to make life easy for us has started listing the locations of every SF4 out in the wild. Still no sign of one in Europe, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to get our grubby little hands on one.

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Crazy Climber coming to Wii

August 20, 2008

Last year the somewhat well-known arcade classic Crazy Climber updated for the modern world and it was released in arcades in Japan. It didn’t receive any glowing reviews but that doesn’t stop them from cashing in on the Wii. I never saw much on the arcade graphically so I’m not sure if these will be exactly the same but you can still add this to the list of modern day arcade-to-console conversions that use waggle.

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