On test: Pump It Up Jump!

Thanks to IcePagoda for the tip!

Andamiro is testing out a new version of Pump It up in Vancouver Washington, called Pump It Up Jump!, a dancing game for kids, as you can see by the design and size of the game. Apparently they have replaced arrows with apples and palm prints and the difficulty is quite easy from the looks of it as well. One thing I am surprised about is that I haven’t heard of a test in Asia of this game where I would have expected to have seen this first. Check out the video below, posted by youtube user Kyrandian573

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2 Comments on “On test: Pump It Up Jump!”

  1. bacon Says:

    its developers are from the US, not Asia. Pump It Up PRO was also tested first at this location as well.

  2. Mikhal Says:

    Doesn’t Andamiro (still?) have a deal to put PIU at Chuck E. Cheese? I can see most of the machines going there in the US. Brilliant move if that’s what this is for.

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