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On test: Pump It Up Jump!

August 16, 2008

Thanks to IcePagoda for the tip!

Andamiro is testing out a new version of Pump It up in Vancouver Washington, called Pump It Up Jump!, a dancing game for kids, as you can see by the design and size of the game. Apparently they have replaced arrows with apples and palm prints and the difficulty is quite easy from the looks of it as well. One thing I am surprised about is that I haven’t heard of a test in Asia of this game where I would have expected to have seen this first. Check out the video below, posted by youtube user Kyrandian573

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BattleGear Update

August 16, 2008

Not many details on this but what you’re seeing in the picture here is the new updated Battle Gear racing title. It looks like they took a page from the NASCAR Racing Deluxe that included the rollbars but took the design a step further. Perhaps we’ll find out more after the 24th.

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A new original arcade title: Get Outta My Face!

August 16, 2008

While finding indie developers making arcade titles is a rare occurrence, I’m happy to see that the numbers are growing. We’ve covered Galloping Ghost Productions and their making of Dark Presence; there also was Galactic Front being worked on by a one man team. You can add another one man team to that list of indie arcade developers, Will Brierly who has designed an original arcade exclusive title called Get Outta My Face!

You are a blue cube who must survive 50 levels of mayhem while trying to find out why you are what you are and why while avoiding bad cubes who are trying to end your life for some reason. As the website states, you survive by “… running through levels, slamming through walls, hiding from enemies, and using your surroundings as shields. The game is easy to learn but extremely difficult to master. ”

They continue:
“In a world where games are built by giant teams, Get Outta My Face truly has a fresh feeling. For the most part, the game was created by just one person who sat in his house for months building the game from scratch, writing the music, programming the AI, creating the artwork, and more. This makes for a strange, fun, addictive, interesting, and innovative game.”

We are going to try and find out more, including how you can get your hands on this game if you are interested. In the meantime, check out the video of the game in action below. It looks like there are a lot of physics involved and it’s always great to see something hit the arcades that is innovative and follows the eternal rule ‘easy to learn, difficult to master’, which is what made all those games of the early 80’s so great. Stay tuned for more!

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