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Pinball in your area

July 29, 2008

Thanks to Stern we still have a fairly decent flow of new tables being designed and manufactured. Whilst checking through my usual websites, which include other blogs, distributors and manufacturers I spotted that BHM Vending had given Sterns latest pinball tables top spot on the website. It’s nice to see this kind of thing and I hope pinball gets more of push in my neck of the woods because I can’t get enough of them. There aren’t really many round my way, I have to go up London to get my fix, which is troublesome at the moment as I’m quite busy. Christ, I haven’t even made it up to the Trocadero yet to play Sega Rally 3 (shame on me!).

How about you guys, do you have any tables in your local arcades, bowling alleys etc?

PS – I feel like I’ve asked this before, but I think it was a while ago, so it could be interesting to see if there are more tables about.

Virtua Fighter 5 R released in Japan

July 29, 2008


The game has been on location over the past few months but now Virtua Fighter 5 R has now been officially released in Japan.

The upgraded game has new features and new character which should be enough to garner some extra interest in the game as well as offer players two new characters to learn. Well I say two, but in fact one of them may be familiar to you. Sumo wrestler Taka-Arashi, was last  seen  in Virtua Fighter 3. The other new character is Jean Kujo, who is a specialist in Karate.

Feature wise a VF.NET service has also been added called ‘Fight Development’, where players train with their character and learn new moves during fights.

[VF5R Website]     [Discuss on the Forum]

Silver Strike Bowling Jeep Sweepstakes video

July 29, 2008

A while back I remember that we posted about a contest involving the arcade title Silver strike Bowling 2009 where they were giving away a jeep as the grand prize but I missed out on the details of how that turned out. Fortunately a video was recently posted to youtube that covers how that went down, check it out below (thanks to Incredible Technologies for pointing this out). It’s pretty crazy that she hadn’t really played Silver Strike before and made it as the grand prize winner – that’s a nice jeep too, more kudos out to IT for giving away some awesome prizes like this.

[Incredible Technologies] [Discuss on the Forum]