Konami's GTI Club Cabinet revealed

I’m used to seeing arcade cabinets designed in a way to attract people’s attention but I have to say that this new image of Konami’s upcoming Mini racer, GTI Club takes the cake for anything I’ve seen lately. It portrays the look of a quaint shop you’d find in a narrow alley way in certain cities (not any where I live) which is not what I expected when I first read about GTI Club. In case you’re out of the loop in this racer, it is a sequel to a Konami game of the same name that was released way back in 1997 and it involves racing with Mini’s. In addition to that it has special game modes such as Mini-Soccer and one with something involving bombs. It certainly has piqued my curiosity but with it testing in Japan now, it probably will still be a little while before it gets out to the general public.

[GTI Club Location Test] [Discuss on the Forum]

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One Comment on “Konami's GTI Club Cabinet revealed”

  1. RJAY63 Says:

    Konami did release an earlier sequel to the 1997 game in 2001. It was called GTI Club 2 :Driving Party. I saw it once in a local bar but never went inside to play it.

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