ESP Agent Revealed

What if Dragon Punch were a video game?

In case that thought has ever crossed your mind (and I’m sure it has 😛 ), then now you will find out with Global Star’s ESP Agent. We noticed this game in our coverage of GTI2008, an arcade expo held in Taiwan earlier this year but it was difficult to tell what the game was about. But thanks to the new flyer and a video I’ve embedded below, we know what ESP Agent is – it’s very similar to something like Dragon Punch but it has 6 different ‘missions’ for you to accomplish, more with software upgrades. I can guess that they may attempt an international release with this one as the flyer is all in English but we’ll have to wait and see where it ends up. If it earns anything like Dragon Punch does then I’m sure that operators will be all over it, although I’m sure that they’ll hope that no one injures themselves gravely while trying to play it. But despite the slight similarity to Dragon Punch, it is unique enough that I think it will stand out on it’s own, I give it props for not being another racer as we know that there are more than enough of those coming along this year.

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One Comment on “ESP Agent Revealed”

  1. Slonie Says:

    This is without a doubt the return of SONIC BLAST MAN!

    (Minus the charisma, from the looks of it, but a nearly identical cabinet)

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