First real images of Batman: Dark Knight Pinball

[Thanks IcePagoda!]

The Dark Knight is one awesome movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should as it’s worth it (even though they raised ticket prices at the theater, grrr). Now obviously there is going to be a lot of merchandise based upon the movie for some time to come but probably the best Dark Knight related item you can get your hands on is the new Dark Knight pinball by Stern. We finally have a look at the first images of the game and it looks great – I can’t wait to play it, which I should be able to do in the next few days as my local distributor should be getting on in.

From the pictures it looks like the toys inside are pretty cool, along with the different mechanical devices such as the crane arm with a magnet inside or the Joker Spinner. The only thing I can see that I’m not excited about are the unprotected playfield lamps that are placed above the bumpers near the flippers – Indiana Jones does the same thing and I’ve already to replace one of these lamps since the ball can hit them and shatter the lamp, which is a blast to clean out . Click on the thumbnails for the full view.

More images via the link below

[Bryan Kelly’s Pinball Photos] [Discuss on the Forum]

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  1. […] reportedly spent the majority of his time playing blackjack and a series of analog video games like Batman: Dark Knight pinball, skeeball, and bubble hockey. In celebration of Jeff’s return, we surprise him with the image […]

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