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The one handed mastery of SFIV; NESYS network supporting SFIV goes live; still no word on a US release

July 1, 2008

At a recent Capcom press event in Santa Monica, CA, journalists had yet another opportunity to sit down with the arcade version of Street Fighter IV but this time they had an opportunity to watch one of the true masters of the game, Seth Killian. Seth is Capcom’s senior community manager and their resident SF expert and he is so good at the game that they not only named the final boss after him, he can also play the game one-handed. I would embed the video here but since such a thing is not allowed on WordPress you’ll have to hit the link. [Gamesradar, image credit Gamesradar]

As cool as that it is, what is not cool is Capcom USA’s continued showings of the arcade version of SFIV in the US while still saying nothing about an actual release. The clock is ticking when it comes to the console release and while some fans would prefer to in arcades to the home (from our own poll done here a while back) the historical wisdom is that sales always drop when the home release makes it’s way out and for a game that is rumored to be $14,000 (Capcom USA’s asking price) it puts operators in a difficult position. Especially where it looks like you could still import a kit and an HD cabinet from Japan for about half than that price. Like it or not, operators have to worry about ROI – if they don’t make money they go out of business and there is no place to play. At least there is a glimmer of hope since the arcade cabinet is being shown at various events but I’m beginning to wonder if that is all we will ever officially see of SFIV arcade in the US, as a press event hook and nothing else.

Also in other SFIV news, this time out of Japan the NESYS card system is ready to go, where players can buy save cards that keep track of their stats/rankings while tieing everything together with the internet. There are four different card designs at the moment with others to come. It’s doubtful that such a system would make it to the US, perhaps it would in the UK since there is little aversion to card systems there. Personally I like card systems, it gives something for players to collect and they don’t have to worry about the operator erasing their stats from the machine. [D+ Media]

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