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Pinball on TV

June 24, 2008

Stern has been on a roll lately. Indiana Jones seems to be doing well (it has been earning quite well at my place, I even had one person play it for 3 hours straight the other day) and they have more to come. On top of that they have been getting their name out there as is seen in this segment from the MSNBC Nightly News the other day.

Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t allow embedding from their site but you can click on the link below to watch the video in it’s entirety. It shows the new Indiana Jones and Shrek Pinball tables, some classic pins as they take a short look back at pinball and they even show Tokyo Drift when contrasting pinball to video games. Overall it’s a good video and as the one guy says towards the end, pinball is seeing a resurgence in popularity as of late, all Stern needs to do is keep it up (although hopefully they’ll have fewer releases like Wheel of Fortune and more like Indy).

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Fighter mania continues with BlazBlue

June 24, 2008

The notion that no one wants to play fighters in the arcade anymore is silly. Apparently Capcom and Namco thinks so when it comes to the US but I have noticed a very interesting trend in my two weeks of running the arcade – there are a lot of fighting fans out there who want to play fighters in arcades, even if they can get them at home. I had a lot of people ask about Marvel VS. Capcom so I looked into it, found one and it’s arriving today. I’ve been a little surprised by the thirst for fighters as it is still quite strong and in Japan developers seem to realize this but in the US they seem to ignore it for the most part, hence the official lack of Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV to the streets (of course the outrageous price tags don’t help either). At the very least we’ll be seeing Dark Presence from US developer Galloping Ghost later this year but beyond that the fighter scene was looking grim outside of Japan.

Until now that is. Fortunately there is another developer who is going to test out their new fighting game here in the US, as Kotaku reports, Aksys Games will be testing out their new and highly anticipated fighter BlazBlue at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles from July 3rd to the 6th. I had thought that this would only be seen as an import here but I’m glad to be wrong on that. Hopefully the game will test well, find distribution and come out at a reasonable price. If they need another location to test at, I’d be happy to host it for a couple of days as being a location tester would be very cool.

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Guitar Freaks v5 & DrumMania v5 hit arcades in Japan

June 24, 2008


[Kotaku via IT]

Good to see that Konami’s instrument games are still going strong. It’s just a shame we don’t get to see these games that much in the UK. I’d like to think I’d be half decent at them, seeings as I have been playing a lot of Rock Band the last few weeks with my buddies. For anyone that hasn’t played the game with friends, after a few bevvies, I can highly recommend it!

I’m hoping to get down to the Funland, Trocadero this weekend. So I will be keeping an eye out for any of the Konami instrument games and I’ll let you know how I get on. Obviously I will be checking out as many games as I can while I’m there too, so expect some sort of location review next week. Fingers crossed I can manage to get a few snaps and maybe a video of the place, without getting caught by the staff.

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