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My first impressions on Oriental Legend 2

June 18, 2008

I have to keep this fairly brief as I don’t have a lot of time but Oriental Legend 2 by IGS arrived the other day and I had a chance to set it up and play it yesterday. I’ve been intrigued by this one for a while as I like beat ’em ups/scrolling fighters and this one looked pretty good from the stuff I saw about it. After playing it for a little bit I have to say that I like it so far and even though there is some Chinese text throughout the game it’s still playable (although I don’t know what items are or what they do exactly until I use them). When you first start it up there are three options to choose from and it seems that the first two are for an adventure mode and the third one seems to be a one-on-one match tournament although I need to play it again to be absolutely sure. I haven’t set it up for the card readers yet so I can’t comment on that right now.

I like the combat because it has the complexity of a fighter with special moves you can pull off by certain button presses and joystick movements. There are also a lot of different enemies and the animation is excellent. I do wish that there was an English version so I knew what was going on in the story though.

I will try to post more later and grab some screen shots as I didn’t have time to do that yesterday since I had a lot to do (I got Carnevil working finally).

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Immersion Copr. invests into new startup called NanoTech Entertainment

June 18, 2008

You might be wondering why I am bringing this up as the names of these companies don’t sound familiar, but it is arcade related. Some time ago a company called Immersion Corporation signed an agreement with GlobalVR to put their force feedback technology into games like NASCAR and Blazing Angels. From what I have experienced in those games, the technology is pretty good and it’s one thing that helps set Blazing Angels apart in the arcade. Now Immersion has invested into a new company that is working on arcade-related products called NanoTech Entertainment and we will be keeping an eye open on this development to see what will come out of it for arcades. In taking a look at the NanoTech site they have some PC perhipherals that work to emualte arcade controls, including a pinball controller which is new to me. They also have created a digital pinball table called MultiPin (pictured to the right) and according to the press release this investment will lead to “future products that include innovative technologies for the arcade, PC, and console gaming platforms.”


““Beyond the investment, we intend to feature Immersion’s force feedback technology in our upcoming consumer and coin-op products.”

(my emphasis added).

That last part doesn’t sound like a PC add-on but whether or not they will be creating a brand new arcade game is anyone’s guess at the moment but it is good to point it out now and see where it goes from here in case they do. New startups to the arcade industry are always welcome and I hope we will see more soon. Hit the post break for the press release.

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