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New SFIV US site makes no mention of arcade version

June 2, 2008

The new official US website for Street Fighter IV is up with plenty of information about the but unfortunately as well as was slightly expected since it was not mentioned in the official press release either, they make no mention whatsoever of the existence of an arcade version of the game. So we can assume that Capcom USA has dropped the ball on the arcade version in the US for now, leaving it up to people to import the game, much like Namco is making arcades do with Tekken 6.

Our source from the Stinger Report has made a comment in our recent poll about SFIV regarding the situation and sadly it is quite apparent that Capcom USA  has a bias towards the arcade version of the game and would prefer to behave as though it doesn’t exist, focusing their efforts solely on the console versions. As you will read after the break, it was reported that they arrogantly declared the  arcade market dead and basically made it seem that it wasn’t worth their time. Funny, if the industry is dead then it is strange that there are still a handful of companies releasing new arcade games and of course if it is dead as they believe it is, their asking price of $14,000 doesn’t help improve the situation one bit but they obviously aren’t worried about that. I would also like to mention that Arcade Renaissance has made a post regarding concerns about the release of the game in the US and so far it is looking bleak. This won’t stop some arcades from importing the game either way but to me as an operator, I see Capcom USA burning any bridge they may have for the future.

Hit the break for the quotes from the Stinger Report regarding the situation



Golden Tee 2009 video preview

June 2, 2008

With another year comes another Golden Tee and the next one has at least one unique difference to it that we know of – one of the courses was designed by a player. Until more details come along here is a new video preview of the courses in the upcoming GT2009. The video also has a high quality selection, although I think that can only be seen via the direct page.

Video via GoldenTeeGolf. At least IT is one of the few arcade companies that likes to show somewhat early previews of their new games (if not the only one at the moment) which is something I would like to see more of.

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