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Behind the scenes at Sega

May 31, 2008

R reader!While I was at the Sega Rally 3 launch last week, I got to see a little bit of what goes on at Sega Amusements Europe. It is a fun place! The developers from the former Sega Racing Studio turned up for a look at the finished product, but some members were also addicted to another machine – the UFO Catcher in the corner! They got quite good at it and managed to win quite a few times, which was impressive given the bulky nature of the prizes in the machine. As well as playing Sega Rally 3 against them, I took on the testing team (who are scarily good at the game). One particular tester known as “The Stig” also got to witness me making a real hash of things on the PS3 version of Sega Rally, and asked me the question of the day – “do you read UK:Resistance?”, which is one of those questions you’re always afraid to face in public.

Speaking of UK:R, one of my missions for the day was to locate the Sonic statue that Zorg made infamous. As you can see, the quest was successful! The building also contains many other items of interest for those of us raised on the Master System and Mega Drive. The warehouse is full of spares for games going right back to the early 1990s – I noticed things for the 1992 games Virtua Racing and Stadium Cross, but the collection extends through to the present day fairly comprehensively. I must admit to geeking out a bit when I saw the Spikeout marquee pictured below, and Scud Race is still a gem (which still isn’t available on home consoles). Meanwhile, the workshop contains various fun things, including the prototype “Super Challenge” cabinet from the Sega Rally 3 location tests and a disassembled 1995 Sega Rally cabinet, as well as various modern machines such as 2 Spicy and Virtua Tennis 3.

Have a peek at some pictures I gathered on my trip:

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Racing news: Sega testing Hummer Extreme; another RaceTV update; NFS Carbon converted cab

May 31, 2008

Thanks to a tip we have found out that Sega is currently testing another new racing game, this time in the US that is based on Hummer’s. From what we know the game is called Hummer Extreme and at this point in time, we know nothing else about the game other than it was on test at Gameworks in Chicago this last week (I am trying to find out if the game is still there) and that the game was fun.

So at the moment this means that this year alone we will see or have seen a total of at least nine new racing games and who knows what else we’ll see as the year progresses. I am happy to see so many new games coming to arcades, this alone proves that the industry is doing well but as you know I would like to see some more original content that breaks away from the norm. I know that it’s hard to complain if the current games are fun and bring their own interesting innovations to the table but I still feel the need to push for some different kinds of games. I was expecting to see some more motion-controlled games by now as the rumor was that thanks to the Wii we would be seeing more of those kind of games but so far I have only seen a couple this year.

Anyways Sega Japan has also announced yet another update for RaceTV (which I have found out that it was part of the game already and is a simple time release, thanks RJAY), which will include new tracks, characters and a new car. This makes the 2nd update that I know of for the game, the first adding a password feature. We’ll have to see if the new low price and this update will help improve RaceTV sales as well as earnings.

We also have a look at a Need For Speed Carbon converted cabinet. It looks like GVR wasn’t going to stand by and watch Raw Thrills pass by with the Tokyo Drift kits as this looks to also allow an operator to do a complete makeover on any NFS cab they happen to have on hand. This image via BHMVending (click on the thumbnail to enlarge).

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DoDonPachi Dai Fukkatsu released

May 31, 2008

[Image via Killercabs Forum]

I am a little late on this as i wanted to research it a little if I could find the time but forum member Molloy pointed out that the new shmup DoDonPachi Dai Fukkatsu was released in Japan this week and for those who love their shmups loaded with bullet hell patterns and lots and lots of firepower, this is a game for you. Interestingly enough it reminds me a little bit of Mars Matrix which I got a chance to play today although there are some obvious differences between the two. Embedded below is a video of the game in action, reports suggest that this one is for casual players of the series and you receive more bombs than in previous installments of the game but from the video it looks like there is enough going on to keep shmup fans of any kind happy.

For better quality videos, visit this link.

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