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Location Review : Phoenix Arcade @ The Summit

May 27, 2008

Here in Niagara Falls, NY there is a mall called The Summit and in addition to the Krow’s Nest with the bowling machines there is another arcade called Phoenix arcade. They have 2 storefronts in the mall. They have a wide variety of games between both their storefronts including the original Outrun simulator, classic games, some modern games, prize cranes, foosball, air hockey and much more. Their newly opened arcade is decorated very nicely on the outside. Here is a video of the newly opened arcade.

Overall the location is very clean, the games are priced cheaply at 25 and 50 cents per play, however this location suffers from many of the problems that classic arcades suffer from such as dead games and lots of monitor problems on the games. The phoenix arcade has quite a few games though and keeping up with them must not be that easy.

A video of their other storefront in the mall will follow in a short while.


Poll: Would you rather play Street Fighter IV in arcades or on a console @ home?

May 27, 2008

It’s pretty straight-forward – where would you like to play Street Fighter IV? At the arcade where you can show off your mad skillz for people to gawk at or at home by yourself (or showing off online where most people will never meet you in person)? OK, I am showing my arcade bias by phrasing the question like that but I’m just pointing out the differences. The poll is below click on the choice via the text links below.

Poll: SFIV – Arcade or console version?


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My Arcade Update 5/26 (w/video)

May 27, 2008

Even though it was a holiday in the US today that didn’t keep me from going in and working on the arcade. This week is the final push to get everything ready and I have the city inspection coming up on Wednesday so I need everything that can be completed to be finished by tomorrow. Unfortunately I have a part-time job that requires me to be away from the area for most of the day tomorrow and the electrician is supposed to show up and finish the job they started a few weeks back and I’m expecting several machines to be delivered as well. Fortunately my brother will be there to take care of these things but I will be showing up as soon as I can to help finish up the loose ends. Anyways here is a video of the latest from The Game Grid Arcade – I may do another video tomorrow if we make the difference I expect.

You will also see the beginning of my Act conversion – I have removed BeachHead 2000 from it’s cabinet and begun work installing The Act instead. Installing the knob has been a bit of a pain as I couldn’t remove the actual knob from the central shaft as it was supposed to do. Once that is finished though the rest is a breeze. Here is the video, available in HD!

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