A New JVS multicabinet – the GBalance

I wish we would see more cabinets (that aren’t for MAME projects) being sold in the US. Perhaps I’m out of the loop on the subject of cabinets and I can’t speak for abroad but here it would be nice. I have a number of JAMMA kits laying around and I have needed to find any old, slightly worn cabinet I can to get them into when it would be better to get a new cabinet that affordable but nice. Take for instance the new JVS multicab called the GBalance – it’s sleek, sports a high-res 32″ 16:9 monitor and can house TypeX, Lindbergh and of course JAMMA kits inside. It even features an upconverter for JAMMA, which I assume means that it will upconvert the resolution of your old games to sweet, sweet HD. It’s basically the modern JAMMA cabinet that can sport other boards. I don’t know the price on these yet but it is tempting to want to import these a few of these for my own purposes.

[Via AM-NET’s Blog Via The Stinger Report] [Discuss on the Forum]

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5 Comments on “A New JVS multicabinet – the GBalance”

  1. Molloy Says:

    This is certainly a better looking machine than the Delta 32 cheapo cabinet they unveiled a few months back.

    I’d be slow to recommend someone buy one of these right now though. TypeX and Lindberg kits still cost a bit much for private home use. And the old games are going to look much, much better at their native resolution. Upscaling is the work of the devil!

    I’m sure you could hook up a current gen console to one of these machines mind you. I’d be sorely tempted by Street Fighter 2 HD Remix with online play.. hmm.

  2. Shaggy Says:

    I forgot to mention that this almost looks like the SFIV cabinet. Maybe they are slightly different but from the looks of it, not much.

    I have not seen a JAMMA game upconverted although I like seeing upconverted DVDs. I’m not sure if you can compare the two though.

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  4. Dave_K. Says:

    It almost looks like this has a rotateble monitor (being its square top and bottom spacers). If I can play vertical shooters on it, I’d never buy it.

  5. Dave_K. Says:


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