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Sega Rally 3 revealed

May 23, 2008

Yesterday Sega Europe held a private launch event to demonstrate their next arcade racer and the next game in the Sega Rally series, Sega Rally 3. We first found out about this game a little while ago when it showed up for test at an arcade location in the UK and a reader sent in a picture of the cabinet.

Since the game was tested the cabinet has changed a bit although it still features the large 62″ screens and a motion base. They have now added a car wrap-around to the back seat, similar to something I reported about back in January by an arcade developer down in Brazil. We still haven’t been told much about the game itself yet but we soon should have a first hand report on the game by AH writer Heavy Electricity (his name isn’t showing up under his posts yet but he wrote the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom post below this one) and we also may find out about the hardware and report on that. From what I know it’s pretty high end stuff so it easily should set itself apart in that realm from the game consoles on the market. Until then enjoy these exclusive pics from the event brought to you by The Stinger Report. (Click on the images to engorge)

UPDATE: Just in case you link straight to this post, the post after this one has some hands-on impressions and more pictures of SR3 in action from AH writer Heavy Electricity. This also includes some details on what makes SR3 different from Sega Rally Revo and the powerful new hardware (called Europa-R) that is running the game.

UPDATE #2: Also just to make sure you catch it, videos of SR3 in action!

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