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Arcade update 5/11 (w/video)

May 11, 2008

Here’s another update of my progress on my arcade store that I am in the process of creating, The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, UT, at the Valley Fair Mall.

We’ve been working hard all week getting the ceiling tiles painted black but it takes a bit of time to get them painted well enough to look decent. You have to push the paint into the tiny holes of each tile and this not only takes up extra paint but also is a bit back-breaking. So far I’ve spent about $150 on black paint, and that is at a discount. I really appreciate the support I have received so far, from my family who has come and helped every day and also from someone who dropped by yesterday, Bert who read about the location here on AH. I also appreciate those who have contacted me offering support – this is an arcade for people that just love games and it’s exciting to not only live up to what I have dreamed about for what seems like forever now but to provide a fun place to play for others to enjoy. Anyways getting back to the store, Bert helped paint a good part of the walls yesterday and after it dries, the flat black paint looks great. Once the walls are done I am going to put up some artwork and paint some murals, probably using a light blue that will look good in black light.

As far as games go, I’ve still got to hammer out a final list but I did come across an Aliens: Extermination for $2700. Used games aren’t a bad way to go, especially when your budget is strict. I may also pick up a TMNT with that deal, which I hope to find a Turtles In Time board to put in there eventually.

Here is a video from yesterday that shows what progress has been made so far over the past week. In the next video, I hope to have a few games on site!

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