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Huge warehouse find

May 9, 2008

While I had the opportunity to visit a warehouse full of games a week or two ago, I certainly don’t have the cash to get everything there. They also didn’t have many classics sitting around although there were some good games there. Either way it doesn’t compare to what Anthony Pietrak of Quarter came across and purchased recently, a warehouse of about 100 games that includes arcades and pins. Just as a hint to how awesome this find is, the one picture I have seen of it shows four laser disc games, including the rare Thayer’s Quest. In all the total came to about $10-$20k but for that many games (with many of them being rare) that is a good bargain.

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Crane games and lobsters

May 9, 2008

When it comes to bizarre games, Japan never fails to impress and in fact I found out about this crazy crane game at This certainly classifies as weird (I’m sure not many people are smacking their heads saying “Well why didn’t I think of that!”) where the goal is just like that of any other crane game – use a claw which is generally a bit loose to grab a “prize” but the twist is the prize is a live lobster submerged under the water. It’s called Sub Marine Catcher and  there is even a video on youtube showing someone actually managing to win at the game. It just makes you wonder what on earth will they think of next (Stacker: Lobster Edition maybe)?

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Short footage of Counter Strike Arcade

May 9, 2008

Before I get too far along, for those that were unaware of this, Count Strike was brought to arcades in Japan a few years ago by Namco and is called Counter Strike Neo (a little more info via the link) – I do not know of any units officially released outside of that country. It was obviously designed to appeal to Japanese arcades – they didn’t even change the controls as you’ll see a keyboard and mouse there – so it’s really just a coin-op PC with a really cool looking case that only runs this special version of Counter Strike. This is the first footage I have ever seen of the game in action however and since I haven’t had a lot of time to find other news on line and post about it (another busy day painting) this will do for now.

Video posted by Youtube user nskvirus

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