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The Big Buck Bowl

May 8, 2008

As I mentioned in the last post, I went to my distributor today to talk about games and some options and one thing we talked about was Big Buck Hunter Online. I did have a chance to play this online a few weeks ago and I automatically saw the appeal – where the game shows you national high scores and it tells you who has it and where they got the score, it gives you that extra incentive to try and beat them out. From the looks of it, BBHPro Online(which uses the CoinUp System) is doing extremely well right now and it should be interesting to see how Safari does when they give that online capability as well.

To give players even more of a reason to play BBHPro Online, Play Mechanix has announced the May National Tournament for the game called the “Big Buck Bowl”. The tournament starts today and will go until May 27th with 52 winners taking home over $2000 in prize winnings. According to the press release, over 17,000 players have created accounts for the game, which is pretty good considering that the game just finished it’s beta phase.

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Another look at ASI 2008

May 8, 2008

ASI 2008 may have come and gone back in March but it’s still great when someone else shares their photos and thoughts on the the event, as Chris has done on his blog. He has some great pictures there and you’ll probably catch a few things that I didn’t put up in my ASI stuff. It sounds like he had a different experience with Primeval Hunt than I did – the guns worked out pretty well for me on the cabinet that I played it on (although I wasn’t crazy about the weight of the gun which after playing it for about a half hour starts to tire you). I didn’t play the air hockey table he has pictured but I did see it, it looks like fun.

He also has a picture of Paradise Lost. I almost beat the game today while I was waiting to talk to the salesman at my distributor and I finally had enough time for it to figure out what it lacks – theatrical flare. The hero is just some guy on an island, the bosses aren’t given “theatrical time” where they could taunt you or show off some sort of evil personality and I hate how you get into a vehicle and instead of shooting things while you move, you go to a place, stop, shoot then move. Despite it’s flaws, I was told that the deluxe version is one of the best earning games on the arcade scene right now (I played the one pictured).

Anyways, I’ll stop talking about it and let you check it out!

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