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Golden Tee 2009 Design-A-Hole Finalists Up for a vote

May 4, 2008

A little while ago we posted about a new contest that Incredible Technologies was running in regards to their next Golden Tee game, GT2009. The contest is called Design-A-Hole where anyone could submit an idea for a golf course that would be put into the actual game. The entries have been received and they have decided upon five finalists which are now up for a public vote on Originally they were only going to choose 3 finalists but the quality of the entries were so good that they had too difficult a time doing that and instead upped the number to 5. Looking at the finalists is quite interesting, one person even made a complete model of their course; another shows a sketch of a course that appears to be on top of several mesas which would be a very challenging course to play.

I would have tried out on this but I don’t have a clue as to what makes a good golf course so I didn’t even bother.  Hit the link below to check out the entries and vote!

(Thanks to a comment by kdollarsign on the original post)

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Pac-Man – The Real Story

May 4, 2008

[Via Kotaku]

You have to love it when a T-Shirt design turns into a narrative for what really is going on in Pac-Man’s world. Innocent little guy being chased by ghosts in a maze? Scratch that, try a space man overdosing on pills and hallucinating! As it stands, it is a good narrative as to why one should not take drugs in space while running around in futuristic labyrinths. [For the T-Shirt, visit]

For the YMTND animation (which is great for startling people near your computer if the volume is up high) check out Don’t Do Drugs In Space! Please!

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