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The Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2008

April 29, 2008

Here’s one event that passed under my radar – the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown 2008 in Golden, Colorado. Pinball is quite popular in my state of Utah, so I imagine that a few people from here made the trip over to Colorado to play. From the clip below it looks like it was a success, bringing old and new players together to play pinball. The newscast also mentions that some video games were there too but they are not shown. The clip is a little weird in the editing dept.(with the way the news people edited it) by breaking apart quotes from different players at the show and then stringing them together in fast succession. Video posted by youtube user ClassicArcadeResourc.

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Reproducing arcade artwork

April 29, 2008

One of the coolest aspects of arcade games is the artwork that companies commissioned to be made to decorate each cabinet. The better the artwork was, the more attractive the cabinet became. This was especially prominent with companies like Atari and Cinematronics who would hire comic book artists to draw the art, making it that much more detailed and eye-catching. The problem is that if you collect some of these old games, it can be a little difficult to come across a game with pristine artwork. Of all the games I own, four have significant artwork on the sides and each one has scratches, smudges, tears, etc. that the games have received over the years. If you are in this situation, you may wonder how you can get the artwork replaced – it is possible but it will take some work. And if you’re lucky, someone has already reproduced the artwork for you.

Rotheblog has a couple of articles detailing on how one can go about reproducing side art for their classic game. The article is for the “potential future collector”  and walks them through the steps of getting the artwork reproduced. As I mentioned, it will probably take some work but if you can replace some beloved artwork that has been damaged from wear and tear over the years, then it is worth it.

(Image via Rotheblog)

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An in-progress arcade timeline

April 29, 2008

Well some days there is quite a bit of news and others there is nearly none. Today is one of the latter – it’s a slow news day. But that doesn’t stop us from getting into something interesting – here is an arcade timeline that our friend at The Stinger Report, Kevin Williams started. I contributed a little as well, but it takes a bit of time to go through all of arcade history. Still, given some time I’m sure that it will turn out to be quite informative. Click on the link below to check it out.

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