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Priest in Italy holds mass @ an arcade

April 23, 2008

About a year ago, we reported on a new “MegaChurch” opening up in the US that hoped to attract younger kids to the pews by combining church with video games, including some arcades and of course the obligatory Halo station. Via UPI, I caught this article about a priest in Italy that decided to take his message directly to an arcade in the hopes of attracting some attention there, by setting up mass on location. From the article the priest was quoted as saying:

“At the start, they were all a bit surprised,” he said. “But then they stopped playing and helped to prepare an altar and volunteered to read bits of the Gospel. Everyone paid attention throughout the holy mass.”

”I hit upon this idea thinking about the fact that so many young people are distancing themselves from the church and choosing to hang out together in different ways and in different places, whether they be discos and games arcades, away from parents with whom they don’t feel at ease,” he said.

That certainly would be an unexpected sight to see when you walk in. Of course if it were my job to worry about bringing kids to church I would be trying to figure out why they would be distancing themselves from it (I doubt it’s because there aren’t video games plastered all over the church) and deal with that. But to each his own, I have nothing against churches using activities to bring young people into the pews if it helps but I think that a balance needs to be held to as well.

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