Firefighter wins $10,000 gift card from Incredible Technologies

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Here’s a good story we received from Incredible Technologies. While it’s always great to see people winning big prizes (as the narrator on SmashTV says: “Big Money, Big Prizes, I love it!”) from arcade games, it’s even better when it’s someone whose job it is to put their life on the line to help the rest of us out, as was the case with a firefighter in Pennsylvania.

The firefighters of Engine Company 2 in Norristown Pennsylvania love their Silver Strike Bowling. They love it so much that they have a machine in their firehouse. And of course it’s an online Bowler’s Club machine, after all the guys love checking their stats and having a shot at the sweepstakes.
They say it’s a great way to kill time when they’re not out saving lives and homes.
And it earns well! Generally bringing in close to $300 every two weeks.
So you can imagine our surprise – and heartfelt joy – when Stephen Keeley, the firehouse’s 9-1-1 coordinator won March’s top sweepstakes prize: a $10,000 American Airlines gift card! Stephen’s entry was chosen at random from over 1.9 million entries.

It’s cool to hear that these firefighters have an arcade game on site there, for some reason that reminds me of the arcade games you see in the background on Ghostbusters. Anyways, congratulations to Steve!

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