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Where did we use to play arcade games?

April 10, 2008

One of our forum members RJAY63 started an interesting new topic the other day; Where did we use to play arcade games. Now I’m really going to have think hard to remember all the places I’ve been to because I have a shocking memory. Why don’t you think back and tell us about the arcades you used to go to and the games you use to play.

My earliest memories of playing arcade games has to be when I was about 7 and visited Weston-super-Mare most weekends during the summer. My dad and I would play Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle and Xybots all the time, until my mum would drag us out of the arcade and in to the horrible sunshine!

After the break; the arcades that RJAY63’s and Shaggy used to go to, as well as the games they played.

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What have we been playing…. or not in my case

April 10, 2008

As you can see Shaggy’s been a busy playing all sorts of great games at ASI, unfortunately I have had very little time to play games or do any posts for the website for that matter. I won’t drone on too much about how busy I am, but basically I won’t be about that much for a month or so. I’ll still try and post when I can, but in the mean time I’ll leave you in the more than capable hands of Shaggy.


Blazing Angels (Arcade)
NASCAR Racing (Arcade)
Americas Army (Arcade)
UFO Stomper (Arcade)
Big Buck Safari (Arcade)
F&F: Super Bikes (Arcade)
Mario Kart GP2 (Arcade)
Wacky Races (Arcade)
Hammer 2 (Arcade)
Sea Wolf (Arcade)
RaceTV (Arcade)
Primeval Hunt (Arcade)
Indiana Jones (Pinball)
Shrek (pinball)
Wheel of Fortune (pinball)
Checkered Flag (Atari Lynx)
Robo-Squash (Atari Lynx)
Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Starfox 64 (Wii VC/N64)
Light Crusader (Wii VC/ Sega Genesis)
And some air hockey

What have you been playing? 

Reminder – Rochester Game Room Show this weekend

April 10, 2008

This is just a friendly reminder that the Rochester, NY Game Room Show will be happening this weekend. I have been busy getting ready for the show! I will be there and will have plenty of pictures and video to report back with after the show.

The show will feature a new fleamarket area, games available for purchase and for free play and everything you need for your home gameroom or arcade! 12$ admission at the door (its a cheap price for the amount of games they have to play!).

Visit for more information.

Update on Sega Rally Arcade – not cancelled

April 10, 2008

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Despite the closure of the Sega studio in charge of creating racing titles for consoles, this title is still on track and is going through testing. To prove it, here are some photos from a testing unit setup just today. Also to further clear it up, this will be Sega Rally 3 and the testing units all have Super Challenge written on the marquees.  Let’s hope that this game tests well so it will see a general release.

Edit: This has not been confirmed by Sega, our tipster would like to point out he doesn’t work for them. It was just the way it was written that it sounded like it was someone that worked for Sega, our mistake.

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