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Starting an arcade of your own (Part 1)

April 6, 2008

While I have been working on getting my own arcade started I have dealt with the problem where it is difficult to come by useful information on arcade business statistics. I know that many of you have also encountered the problem of finding good information on arcades or just working on getting your arcade business started. I feel that it would be useful to hold a discussion about it and share information that I have come across in my quest to open up my own arcade – together with The Stinger Report and your own comments, I believe that we can have a great discussion on this subject.

First off, many wonder if it is feasible to open up an arcade at this time with news of arcade closures in places like Japan. If you need any reassurances, take a look at recent trade shows where developers and distributors have an optimistic outlook on the arcade scene. 2008 will see a lot of new releases, some of them with a good amount of hype behind them. Prices on new arcades have come down from where they were a couple of years ago which makes it easier for new operators to start up although one doesn’t have to open an arcade with nothing but new games – just games that have proven earnings. So there are positives to look at but as opening and running a business is more complicated than that, we’ll need to delve further into the subject. Hit the post break for more.