Tim Hunkin's Under The Pier Show

[Thanks to reader Paul LaFran for sending this in!]

I know that some of you who read the site regularly would like to open up your own arcade one day (Speaking of that I haven’t signed my lease yet, I was told that it would happen last week but I got nothing so we’ll see this week; I’m thinking that they are going to wait until April 1st, just to be funny) and also where I am going to do that myself I like to keep an eye out for stuff where others do the same. Thanks to  one of our readers Paul, he tipped us to this site that shows an older gentleman by the name of Tim Hunkin who has built his own arcade at the Southwold Pier, Suffolk UK. This is quite a unique coin-operated business as Tim built his own machines. As such a lot of them are more traditional mechanical arcades but there are a few videos there and overall he has created his own unique arcade for people to experience. He even teaches you on the site on how to build your very own machines. I plan on doing something like that one day although I would like to get a development team together to create new video arcade titles (and I have a couple of ideas for some new pinball games). Check out the video below or visit Tim’s site, Under The Pier.

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5 Comments on “Tim Hunkin's Under The Pier Show”

  1. smhillis Says:

    I posted a few months ago that I was opening an arcade in St. Louis but things fell through and its not going to work out now but perhaps in the future. I see you mentioned that you would like to start a development team for arcade titles. I have a bachelors in game programming and would like to use my skills for arcade rather than PC or console. Hit me up when you get things rolling on that I would like to be a part of something like that.

  2. Geo Says:

    St. louis missouri..? haa i live there…
    Btw what a cheaters arcades….

  3. Geo Says:

    This guy is a genius, i want to do the same thing too, but of course it will be video games only, i also have my own cabinets desing, nice!!……

  4. Shaggy Says:

    I remember you posting that – sorry to hear that it didn’t work out though, hopefully you’ll get another chance to get it running. You really need a lot of cash to get an arcade going, even a small one.

    I’ll be sure to contact you once I get an arcade dev team started. As with the arcade, I’ll need to save up to get that started as well. 🙂 But I think it would be worth it, I’m sure we could put out some awesome arcade titles that would cause a little disruption in the marketplace. My head is always swimming with ideas for arcade games.

  5. Max Says:

    Tim Hunkin’s old TV show:

    Quite possibly the best ‘kids’ science show ever.

    I know it got me interested when I was a kid.

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