A new arcade fighter – Dark Presence by Galloping Ghost Productions


It is rare to find someone willing to take the effort to produce their own arcade game. Most developers, indie or not prefer to bring their efforts to a platform like the PC or a console these days. So when I come across the rare instance of an indie arcade game development, I like to try and find out as much about as I can. Not long ago I discovered the space combat game Galactic Front via youtube and now I have discovered the fighter Dark Presence by Galloping Ghost Productions. After two years of development efforts they are aiming to release this in 2008 and from what I have discovered so far, I think that fighting fans are in for a treat.

Now this sounds different that what you may have read about the game elsewhere. When checking into Dark Presence, I saw that a few blogs covered it back when it was announced in 06 (shortly before Arcade Heroes had begun) and the overall judgment on the game was quite negative, one even wrote that the game was “retarded”. This was all based upon the pictures of the characters and not upon anything else as things like actual gameplay, story and other points that have not been revealed yet. I decided to look into the game for myself and get some details and after contacting Galloping Ghost andtitantrenton.jpg getting a run down of the game directly from them in it’s current state and what they plan to do, I am impressed and I should say that you shouldn’t judge this game by it’s cover (or in this case, stills of it’s characters). It’s worth looking into some details about the game prior to passing judgment on it. To demonstrate how impressed I am with this game so far from what I have learned about it, I would feel comfortable putting it into my own arcade later this year as I think that fighting fans will appreciate it once they get a chance to play.

I am not at liberty to reveal everything that I have found out yet but we will make updates from time to time as we can. Hit the post break below for a rundown on some of the latest details, including some information not revealed on the official website or anywhere else for the game if you want to find out more.

First off, I can confidently say that this is not another “Tattoo Assassins”. For one thing it’s being developed by people that love fighting games and it’s also been in development for much longer than that game was. The sheer amount of work that has gone into digitizing characters and scenes is beyond any other fighter that I know of. The enormous number of frames that each character has along with the high resolution is enough to strain, if not completely surpass memory capacities of current gen consoles. Beyond smooth, detailed animation of each character, the backgrounds are also very detailed and animated as well. Players will be able to enjoy subtle things like grass blowing in the wind, trees reacting to the breeze, dust particles floating in the air, lightingdark1.png effects, a new technique in parallax scrolling that makes a 2D background look like true 3D and more – in essence, those things that graphics fanboys love talking about but not something you see often in a 2D game these days. I have seen a brief video of the game in motion and it looks much better than in the stills. (The thumbnail shows a mock-up of the meters). Expect some videos of the game in action soon.
One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the finishing move system. Instead of generic moves and reactions that work on any character, they created finishing move sets that were completely unique to the two characters participating in the fight, which took a lot of filming and effort. Each character has 3 finishing moves which can be linked together for a more devastating attack. Also depending upon the finishing move used, it will actually affect the story of the game and how it unfolds for your character. This is one reason why the game has taken so long to develop – by using this system it came out with 437 final moves total, again each unique to the characters being played. If you were to watch nothing but the final moves, it would take two hours to go through all of it. The story line is quite detailed and expect the game to have multiple endings for each character, which are determined upon things like how you finish off certain opponents.

The game will display graphics in 1080p resolution and there will be four different cabinet variations, two of which will include a prize and a shock band function. The shock band is optional and delievers a very light, regulated shock to the person that looses a match, in the hopes of making players think out their matches a little bit more. In addition to this, the game will also feature a network connection so the game can be updated later on and it will feature seasonal and weather changes all tied to your locale. And finally the game will use a 5.1 surround sound system for a more immersive audio experience.

Again, this is just a little bit of a larger picture and you can expect some exclusive pics and video coming to the site about Dark Presence soon. We also will have details on the sequel to Dark Presence, Conquering Light, so stay tuned to Arcade Heroes for more.

[Visit Galloping Ghost Productions] [Discuss on the Forum]

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14 Comments on “A new arcade fighter – Dark Presence by Galloping Ghost Productions”

  1. Paul Says:

    I LOVE digitized fighters. I’ll play any of them. It’s awesome – and sort of unbelievable – that a new one is coming out. Target Terror and now this really hit the nostalgia funny bone for me.

    And the fact that there’s already a sequel planned means TWO digitized fighters being announced when I thought they were all extinct. 🙂

  2. Shaggy Says:

    The cool thing about this is that they are bringing digitized characters along with modern technology and doing some cool things with it. The number of frames per character is quite astounding – I believe the website lists close to 118,000 frames total for all the characters which is huge. If they made this for a console they’d have to scale it down because it’s at a high resolution as well so it will take up a lot of memory.

    Stay tuned for more, we’ll have exclusive pics and videos for this soon!

  3. anoon Says:

    Hasn’t this been in development for close to 10 years? No Joke: I’m pretty sure I recall seeing the Galloping Ghost website announcing Dark Presence and the sequel in the mid to late 90’s, back when digitized graphics were the height of technology.

    It would be great if Arcade Heroes could do an in depth interview. That would be a story of herculean dedication!

  4. Shaggy Says:

    I don’t know the exact amount of dev time this game has but whatever it is it certainly has come far. We’ll have much more information soon.

  5. Tom Says:

    Street Fighter 4 and now a new digitized Fighting game! Haven’t seen something like that since Street Fighter 2 and the MK era. Hopefully this game can capture that same MK magic, “FINISH HIM!”. There is something about real people fighting that is just cool to watch. Should be a fun time at Dave and Busters. People lined up playing some Old School fun. Ah. The good ol’ days.

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  7. Nikola Says:

    I contacted Galloping Ghost myself, too, and even got some promo material (T-Shirt) and I’m glad I found this blog, since you’ve got some exclusive material they don’t have on their site. Can’t wait to see a game in action! 🙂 I think this will be a blast, if they manage to make every feature they’re planning to. And I hope there’ll be a PC version, since I probably won’t be able to play it in arcades (no arcades with new games here where I live).

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  11. vladsv Says:

    great potential here, i’ve seen the level backgrounds and they are just awesome!

  12. Lil Bro Says:

    They put so much time and money into the making of this game, and its sequel. I’m sure it’ll become a big hit when it comes out in arcades, escpecially the 62″ I believe. I only got a small taste of it, and I know that it is really hard, tedious, work with the green screening and everything. They make alot of the stuff themselves(weopons, armor, arcade), and a few of the actors/characters are great at martial arts themselves.

    Don’t judge the game poorly just from the screens, you gotta go on their site, and read about it. Remember how much time and money they spent on it.

    When I think of it, it’s like MK but not. No unreal moves, and much better res.

    srry if this seems like the other posts of this game.

  13. […] I thought the game was tongue-in-cheek, a little more research into the subject has me thinking otherwise. The guys at Galloping Ghost are putting in some real […]

  14. Vamphyrial Says:

    Nooo, nooo, It’s an istanbul beyleri clone.

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