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Rumour: Initial D for DS?

March 18, 2008


According to various sites we could be seeing a DS version of Initial D coming our way. Judging by these screen shots, presuming they are genuine, it doesn’t look bad for a DS game, and imagine how good Wi-Fi would be. Fingers crossed.

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PressStartComic: FunSpot 2007 Tournament Video Tour

March 18, 2008

Better late the never right? PressStartComic just put up thier “lost” video tour of the FunSpot 2007 Tournament. They write….

Here’s the “Lost” video from our trip of the 9th Annual FunSpot Classic Arcade and Pinball tournament. Due to the file size, we couldn’t put it up. But now we can finally share the video with you. A quick tour of all three floors of Funspot.

You watched it yet? Man are there some games to be played there! I think I know where I’m going for my holidays this year!

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9 Home Gaming Setups Better Than Yours

March 18, 2008


Now, I admit not all of these are completely arcade related, but these gaming rooms have to be seen to be believed. Personally the ones that look like luxury cinemas don’t do it for me, but the ones that look like they’ve been put together buy true gamers are amazing. One of these we’ve seen before of course and be sure to check out the video at the bottom.

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Last week on Arcade Heroes

March 18, 2008

So we had the usual kind of news this week; haunted arcade cabinets, Mexican wrestlers and a new pinball table from Stern. But most importantly we had some great news that Shaggy’s arcade is one more step closer to reality. The story brought messages of good luck, advice and some really interesting debate on the games that he could get for his arcade. Good luck Shaggy!

Next week my arcade makes its start

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Street Fighter IV’s new mexican wrestler

Shaggy’s Review: Blade Master by Irem

Income results on Japanese arcade games

Free haunted Ms Pac Man cabinet antone?

Big Buck Safari ready to go

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MechWarrior 4 arcade in action

March 18, 2008

I remember playing the first Mechwarrior on PC – it was a game that was ahead of it’s time with excellent 3D graphics (as always, for the time), a detailed storyline and overall a technical complexity that gave the game it’s own unique depth. While I haven’t played Mechwarrior 4, I am familiar with other installments in the series so when I first learned that Mechwarrior 4 had made it’s way to the arcade I was a little bit surprised and while I still have not had a chance to play it, I knew that they would have to modify the game to play perfect for arcades. I think that mech games can work well in an arcade setting as long as the game is tailored to the “arcade” genre – I wouldn’t mind seeing more in fact. Anyways, I hadn’t seen Mechwarrior 4 in action until I came across a video of it on youtube today. I am familiar with the hardware – it’s running on a Tsumo motion cabinet without the acrylic bubble. I once considered getting a Tsumo cab for my arcade – until I learned the price tag to come along with it (between $18k-$21k w/ the bubble). I do have one local arcade that has a Tsumo cab but they do not have Mechwarrior on it which is too bad as I would enjoy MW much more than Beachhead. Video by youtube user souzamerica.

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