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Abel & Crimson Viper detailed

March 15, 2008


Over at Kotakuthey have a detailed run down on two of Street Fighter IV’s new characters. Hopefully we’ll find out a little more on the most recently announced Mexican wrestler; El Fuerte.

[Abel detailed]    [Crimson Viper detailed]

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Next week my arcade makes its start

March 15, 2008

I got some great news today that I will be signing the lease on the store lot where I will be placing my arcade sometime next week, possibly Monday or Tuesday. Once that happens expect frequent updates (with pictures) on this site about the progress I’ll be making in remodeling the place to fit my taste. Fortunately the store has no walls that I will need to take down but I will need to repaint the ceiling and walls and change the carpet out. A lot of people would prefer black-light carpet but that is rather expensive so I may just go with something dark. I also am going to make use of this really cool neon wire/angel hair that I found online a few days ago and I have a few ideas to employ that into my design. I also will need to build a small front desk and add some extra electrical outlets. It will take a little bit of work but it’s really nothing major compared to what it could be. Then I need to begin working with the city so everything can be inspected and approved so I can get a business license.

For those interested, it will be located in West Valley City, Utah at around 3500 South and 5600 West (I’ll be getting the exact address up shortly) which if you ever drop by Salt Lake it’s not hard to get to from the airport. 🙂 I’ll also be revealing the name once I get the website up which should be soon. I also will be taping as much as I can about the place and putting those videos up on youtube. I want to create a strong web presence, something which a vast majority of arcades lack.

As for some of the games I’ll have – naturally I’ll have the games which I already own there including: Asteroids Deluxe, Zaxxon, Phoenix, Shinobi, Superman (I am thinking of switching this out with Balloon and Balloon, a Bomberman clone) 1942, Championship Baseball (I am not sure what to do with this one – the cabinet’s in bad condition, the monitor has burn-in, the thing doesn’t turn on and I don’t care for the game), a NeoGeo cabinet which I will be swapping a single cart board for a four-slot board with King Of Fighters ’98, World Heroes 2, Crossed Swords and Blazing Star, Tetris (it’s a hellcade – Tetris in an Atari Arabian cab), a Warlords Cocktail cabinet and Crystal Castles. I also will have The Act setup although I still need a cabinet for it (I have considered putting it into Championship Baseball but the cabinet is in such bad condition that I don’t think that would work out well). As for new games I will be talking with my local distributor about that next week – it’s likely I’ll have NASCAR, America’s Army or Big Buck Hunter (maybe even Safari), Silver Strike Bowling 2009, a pinball or two and perhaps Slambots if I have enough left over. There are many more games I’d love to have but I only will have $25,000 to spend on games so I have to make it work on a shoestring budget and as you all know, they don’t make it easy for small owners to splurge on titles since everything is expensive. Also I am going to have a small network of gaming PCs connected to each other with networkable and single player games. We’ll even have a number of classic DOS games to play!

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