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Income results on Japanese arcade games

March 12, 2008

One thing that operators always want to know about before buying a game is “Did it test well?”. Good testing generally (but not always) indicates how well a game will doincome.gif elsewhere although publishers typically do not release the actual results of these tests – outside Japan. But in Japan such data is easily available and thanks to our friend Oga taking the time to translate the data for us, we have some figures. This includes the new Arcana Heart 2, Tekken 6, Sangokushi Taisen 2, Virtua Fighter 5, Maximum Tune 3 and more. The letters between the ‘AVR’ and ‘Item’ columns indicate which game center the results are coming from. Click on the thumbnail to check it out!

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Sega Amusements USA adds new games to site, manuals

March 12, 2008

Since it’s rare for arcade developers to update their websites, it’s generally something important or interesting that is added to these sites when they finally do get around to an update.While there is nothing here that is terribly new, Sega Amusements USA has finallysegasite.jpg updated their website with information summarizing Primeval Hunt and Sega RaceTV, as well as a new SpongBob Square Pants redemption game. In addition to the standard information that one would expect to read about the games, they also have added PDFs of the operator manuals which offer a plethora of information about the games from how to put the machine together, to how they play, how to “pay attention to customers”, etc. I actually like to look over arcade manuals sometimes as I am able to find out information right away that otherwise I might not find out with only a couple of plays of the game. For example, I was looking over the Primeval Hunt manual and they have an overview of how one can use the touch screen’s features to do things in the game. It would probably take a few plays to notice/discover all of the features but by reading the manual you can go and play the game knowing what to expect and not need to use up credits just trying to discover features(which is fine if you work for the arcade and can pump credits into the machine for free but not so much if you’re just a customer).

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