Disney Quest NOT Closing!

According to poster PrOk on the KLOV Forums, Disney Quest is not closing! Its not becoming ESPN Zone either. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now as this is very good news! They have also fixed up the machines, and many have new monitors and most play like new. This is a must see if your heading to Disney and like arcades or video games, so enjoy the arcade!

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6 Comments on “Disney Quest NOT Closing!”

  1. editor Says:

    Wow guys – you are reading my mind again. We have a big feature in the Stinger on the current state of DQ and the plans that were dropped of the ESPNZone flagship site.

    I was up at the site during IAAPA’07 and reviewed the current state of the facility – I also have a background in the facility having worked as an Imagineer on the concept and development.

    Watch this space.

  2. SaraAB87 Says:

    I don’t think that was in the current issue of the Stinger that just came into my email box. I am just glad all that wonderful equipment will not be sold and or scrapped, now back to those books on virtual reality (for all those who are wondering what I have been up to lately!)

  3. Shaggy Says:

    This is great news – I wonder what it is that changed their minds. Either way it’s good to see.

  4. SaraAB87 Says:

    Hmm… I think some people that visited told me the place was quite busy, seems stupid to close an attraction that is constantly raking the people in. Video games are more popular than ever in the US and pretty much every kid freaks out over anything related to video games, so I really think closing this would be a bad idea, given the fact that probably nearly any kid that visits Disney probably begs and begs to go to this attraction. Not to mention there is cool stuff there that is supposedly even better than Joypolis!

  5. akeorlando Says:

    I live in the Orlando area, and never even heard mention of DisneyQuest closing. Strange…. I’m really glad though, because I love going out there every couple of years.

  6. DisneyLover Says:

    Yes, he’s right i went there in summer of ’09 and it was still open for business. But i’ve heard that the ESPN Zone idea is still up for the Virgin Store a feet yards away?

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