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International Play Company to open several new FECs

February 22, 2008


North America is soon going to see a number of new FEC (Family Entertainment Centers which almost always include arcades) open up under the company named International Play Company (also known as IPlayco). The first is set to open this summer in Vancouver, Canada and the expansion will continue from there with the centers promising to bring amusement and fitness (sounds like they may try out the exergaming concept) together in a workable, profitable platform.

It also appears that no one has told Iplayco that it is a futile effort since the existence of the Nintendo Wii has already killed off the amusement industry according to most game journalists and Namco as supposedly no one will go outside of their homes anymore because they can’t stop playing Wii Sports. :rollseyes:

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GDC Gamespot Street Fighter IV Videos

February 22, 2008

Just came across these videos on YouTube by Gamespot (something tells me they would like the fact they are on YouTube) Each one is a nice little run through of each character, thier moves and their specials. Hit the break to see more .

Chun Li



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AOU attendance rises by 10,000

February 22, 2008

Final attendance numbers for the recent AOU show have been posted over at Arcade Renaissance, showing a large increase over 2007’s figures. The overall attendance for the two days was 38,442 – up 10,529 visitors from the previous year, representing an increase of 37.7%. The increase is a rather nice way to round out what has been an extremely positive exhibition, confirming show floor reports of long queues and packed stands.

The full attendance breakdown follows, with the increase from 2007 shown in brackets:

2/15 (Friday) – 21,249 (+4,519 visitors)
2/16(Saturday) – 17,193 (+6,010 visitors)
Total – 38,442 (+10,529 visitors)

[Arcade Renaissance: AOU 2008 final attendance numbers]

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