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Shrek Pinball Prototype

February 18, 2008


[Via BMI Gaming]

Thanks to an update to one arcade distributor’s website, we finally have an idea of what the very limited Shrek Pinball game will look like. This picture is just a prototype image, so the final game might differ slightly from what you see above. Only 250 of these are being made and to cut costs further the playfield is exactly the same as the one used in the Family Guy pinball machine but with Shrek graphics, sounds and theme applied to the dot matrix display. This particular distributor lists the price at $4475 which isn’t too bad for a game that is being made rare and currently is scheduled to reach distributors within a few weeks.

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AOU 2008 ends on a high note and AOU Booth Babes

February 18, 2008


(Image via Famitsu)

AOU 2008 is over now and one thing is certain – there is still plenty of interest in arcades despite the presence of the Nintendo Wii in people’s homes. The lines for games were quite long with an expected 120 min. wait for Street Fighter IV and Konami reported wait times with 140 min. and 180 min. with multiple cues. Over 2,000 non-trade visitors stopped by the event (people that were just there to play games) and overall the show was a success. Now we just need to find out which games you can expect to see Japanese arcade companies send overseas. boothbabes1.jpg

Also via The Stinger Report and Amusement Japan is a look at the many booth babes that were one the scene to assist attendees to their needs. e3 may no longer be around to bring these girls to the console gaming scene (although there are other shows for them to appear at) but between ATEI and AOU they are plentiful at arcade shows. From pirates (right) to Chun Li to whatever else, help was there.Hit the post break for the collection that is safe for work (unless they have something against Japanese girls in sometimes funky costumes).

Finally if you’re looking for a ton of links to various Japanese sites reporting on the event, AM Net has collected practically everything onto one page. The only problem is that you have to deal with lousy internet translators but there are plenty of pictures to browse through on the various sites if that’s all you care for.

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Site News – Temporary Email Change

February 18, 2008


Have been having some problems with our Google mail account so have reverted back to our Hotmail account for the mean time. So any news, tips or stories please send them to Or hit the link on the sidebar. Cheers 🙂