King Of Fighter XII @ AOU 2008?

Yet another game that we can look forward to seeing more of at AOU 2008 (Hopefully). As if Street Fighter wasn’t enough! You won’t hear me complaining though. Fingers crossed.

[via Arcade Renaissance]

AM-nethas updated its game profile for King of Fighters XII to include a presence at the AOU 2008 show later in February. Based on the information provided, it appears that the game won’t be seen in a playable form, but rather in a video presentation similar to how it was previously shown off at AOU 2007. SNK Playmore already has a fairly strong 2008 line-up consisting of its return to a 3D Samurai Spirits, King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A2, and King of Fighters ’98, so whether or not King of Fighters XII is being planned for a 2008 is questionable at this point. It seems that 2009 may be a bit more in check with the company’s plans for the arcade industry.

Hopefully at AOU 2008 we’ll get at least a better idea of what we can expect from King of Fighters XII. Though I would love to see some in game video, I’m thinking that more than likely its probably going to be a teaser of sorts (hopefully better than the logo teaser we’ve previously seen).

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