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Namco Bandai Games – ATEI 2008 Products A Success

February 5, 2008


A lot of the games mentioned in the below article I may have not have got round to covering in my ATEi impressions, but I can confirm that the Namco Bandai stand did have a good variety of games at the show. Good to see they had a great response to them all.

[via Highway Games]

Namco Bandai Games has reported an exceptional response to its Fun Factory range of amusement games unveiled at ATEI 2008. Incorporating at least 15 world/European debuts, the company’s product mix is being cited by Managing Director John McKenzie as the principal factor behind an unsurpassed level of orders taken at the London show.

“There is no question that the market is facing extremely difficult trading conditions and whilst the turnout was, in our opinion, significantly lower than in previous years we found the quality of customer visiting our stand was one of the highest ever,” explained McKenzie. “Our sharp focus on ‘best of breed’ games stuck a chord with European operators and our business write-ups remained constant and spread across all product sectors.”

He continued: “With such breadth and depth in the range, it’s difficult to pinpoint any single machine as our star attraction, but Crazy Typhoon, Clena-Flex, Maximum Tune 3 and Safari were all in extremely high demand. The new Drift Deluxe and our range of Superdeluxe videogames also attracted great interest. Other highlights included Pop Noggins, Fun of the Fair, Barber Cut and the new launches from ICE, NFL 2 Minute Challenge, 3 In A Row and Hollywood Reels. We’ve experienced a growing take-up of redemption, particularly in light of the new Tickets To Prizes automatic prize redemption station.”

McKenzie concluded: “We are grateful to all the operators and retailers who continue to show faith in our games; thanks to them Namco Bandai Games can expect a busy year ahead. In return we will be working more closely with our customers to seek out further opportunities in and around the coin-op sector with games that are carefully selected and tailored to meet an ever more discerning player.”

I have to apologies for the lack of posting from myself, and also the briefness of these posts. Just mega busy at the moment.

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King Of Fighter XII @ AOU 2008?

February 5, 2008

Yet another game that we can look forward to seeing more of at AOU 2008 (Hopefully). As if Street Fighter wasn’t enough! You won’t hear me complaining though. Fingers crossed.

[via Arcade Renaissance]

AM-nethas updated its game profile for King of Fighters XII to include a presence at the AOU 2008 show later in February. Based on the information provided, it appears that the game won’t be seen in a playable form, but rather in a video presentation similar to how it was previously shown off at AOU 2007. SNK Playmore already has a fairly strong 2008 line-up consisting of its return to a 3D Samurai Spirits, King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A2, and King of Fighters ’98, so whether or not King of Fighters XII is being planned for a 2008 is questionable at this point. It seems that 2009 may be a bit more in check with the company’s plans for the arcade industry.

Hopefully at AOU 2008 we’ll get at least a better idea of what we can expect from King of Fighters XII. Though I would love to see some in game video, I’m thinking that more than likely its probably going to be a teaser of sorts (hopefully better than the logo teaser we’ve previously seen).

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Quite Possibly The Finest Arcade Collection Ever!

February 5, 2008


Just a warning. Brace yourself if you going to look at this collection, everyone of the cabinets seems to be in amazing condition. It’s almost to much for me!

[via Kotaku]

The Washington Post has a neat little article on Peter Hirschberg, a Linden, VA guy who has made a hobby out of restoring old arcade games. Hirschberg recently completed building his own personal arcade, dubbed “Luna City Arcade,” filled with 65 restored arcade classics. It’s a private collection, but Hirschberg seems happy to show it off within reason:

For Hirschberg, the arcade is a labor of love, not a business. There are change machines on either end of the arcade that freely spit out quarters at the touch of a button — Hirschberg doesn’t ask his guests to spend their own money to play. The arcade is illuminated with blacklights, all the better to light up the space-themed carpet. To complete the scene, his personal soundtrack of 1980-era rock tunes by Foreigner and Journey play on the stereo.

A complete list of his arcade games and other stuff can be found at his website.

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