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Defend Earth Arcade Shooter Project

December 21, 2007

Here is a video of some college students that made their own arcade game! Everything was built from scratch including the game circuit (so no PC hardware) – almost like it was an arcade game of the early 80’s. The graphics certainly look that part but I don’t think that the purpose of the project was to make a game with photorealistic graphics. Either way this took more effort than all of those flash based games which call themselves arcade games. I think it is a cool project and who knows, maybe some of these guys will go on to make some more advanced games for todays market. Video posted by youtube user hyakimoshuken

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A pinball players wish granted

December 21, 2007


[Via and Play Meter Magazine]

It’s always great to hear stories that come out of wishes granted by the Make-A-Wish foundation. This particular one deals with Ryan (last name not given), a 10 year old boy with a rare disease (also not listed what it is but it appears to make use of appendages such as his hands either difficult or impossible) whose wish it was to become a pinball wizard. Obviously due to his condition this would be a problem so a company called U Can Do Inc. modified a Stern Spiderman machine so Ryan and others that also suffer from similar conditions can play pinball. The new controls overrides the standard pin controls with large circular domd switches that can be slapped with one hand or two. If the player ismodifiedpin.jpg unable to use their hands, the feet may be used and if the player cannot use anything below the neck, they can be tapped with a twitch of the head. I have not seen anything like this for pinball before although I have for arcade titles (SF Rush 2049 is a good example).  Ryan’s wish was granted by Fox 11 in Los Angeles, the Mak-A-Wish Foundation and U Can Do Inc.
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