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GameWorks Announces Half Price Holidays

December 19, 2007


If you live anywhere near a GameWorks entertainment facility then this is good news for you. Gameworks has issued a press release detailing their half-off special for the holidays, where players can go and enjoy the games and simulators that Gameworks offers for half-off the normal price Monday-Friday. They also are offering a deal for anyone who registers their Replay Rewards cards with the company by sending them a game card in January and February (a $75 value).

Hit the post break to read the rest of the details of the release. I think it’s a great idea for arcades to have ‘sales’ of sorts, even for just a limited time. Offers like this spur more sales so it only makes sense to see something like this but sadly it’s rare that arcades seem to try this idea out. [Discuss on the Forum]


Virtual Racer X simulator

December 19, 2007


While this doesn’t look like the type of unit that was made for an arcade environment, it certainly would make a nice addition to the game room (if you can afford it) By combining 4 Xbox 360 consoles together, it creates a very arcade-like experience for Forza 2. Some arcade games that have done this in the past include Atari’s TX-1 and Sega’s Ferrari F355 Challenge. With 3 37″ 1080p LCD screens, a Bose surround sound system, a virtual wind system(to give you the impression that you really are driving, an Italian Sparco Monza racing seat and more the Virtual Racer X simulator is a nice way to get that arcade experience with some console games that will never make the transition to the arcade itself.

[Virtual Racer X simulator] [Discuss on the Forum]