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When your game addiction goes too far

December 16, 2007


I just caught this story of a single father in Hong Kong who was arrested for child abuse of his 7 year old daughter. How did he abuse his child? By leaving her alone outside of the arcade for an hour after being told by the staff that kids weren’t allowed inside. After she was left in the street for about an hour or so, he brought her to a restaurant and left her with a drink for about three hours. At that point, the staff called the police on him. When Mr. Chan Sing was arrested he was quoted as saying “I have to play video games”. He was sentenced to 120 hours of community service.

This must have been some sort of adult arcade or they just have really strange rules there – there aren’t many arcades in the world that ban children from coming inside. As much as I love video games though, especially arcades, I know its more important to be a dedicated dad first before being a dedicated player. Of course I do wonder what it was at the arcade that had him so hooked…

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